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Litigation Insurance and Disbursement Funding for Northern Ireland

Temple Legal Protection is one of the UK’s leading providers of litigation insurance, also known as After-The-Event or ATE insurance. We can now offer policies tailored to commercial litigation in Northern Ireland and an underwriting process that understands and responds to the needs of local practitioners.

Litigation insurance from Temple provides the security that parties need when engaged in a commercial dispute. It lets them manage and control the financial risks inherent in complex and costly litigation. The cover protects litigants from the consequences of adverse costs orders and the risk of not recovering their own disbursements if their case fails. It is ideally suited to meet the needs of plaintiffs and defendants in cases being run through the Commercial Hub.

It can be used for a wide variety of commercial disputes. This includes professional negligence, insolvency and property disputes. Click here for a full list of the commercial dispute case types.

The Commercial Hub Practice Direction

We recognise the importance of ADR as emphasised in the Commercial Hub Practice Direction.

  • Our litigation insurance works well for cases where the parties seek to settle or resolve cases through ADR.
  • We can insure mediator’s fees along with adjudicator’s fees and associated costs in building disputes.
  • We insure a very wide range of cases including purely commercial disputes to defamation and privacy claims, property claims and insolvency claims.
  • Our clients range from private individuals to large corporates.
  • Our premiums are always deferred until the end of a case and conditional upon success.

We are also able to offer disbursement funding to our insured to meet the cost of court fees, expert’s fees and similar disbursements.  Easy to administer and affordable, it gives peace of mind to your clients and keeps the financial liability off your balance sheet.

ATE Insurance for Clinical Negligence cases in Northern Ireland

We have been providing ATE insurance to specialist clinical negligence solicitors for over 20 years. Our underwriters understand and appreciate the challenges you face; clinical negligence litigation often involves complex disputes over causation and liability.

Please do contact us to learn more about our fully-delegated ATE insurance and disbursement funding scheme for your clinical negligence cases.

Next Steps

To find out about how our litigation/ATE insurance and disbursement funding products can help your firm and your clients we suggest an online discussion/conference call with either our commercial or clinical negligence teams. To arrange an appointment please contact our office on 01483 577877.

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