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ATE Insurance and disbursement funding for Northern Ireland

After lots of research, dialogue and data collection, our refreshed ATE insurance cover is now available. It’s genuinely fit for purpose, bespoke to Northern Ireland’s litigation needs and includes –

  • Competitive and proportionate premiums
  • Cover for counsel’s fees
  • Disbursement funding
  • Delegated authority

Temple Legal Protection is one of the leading providers of ATE insurance, with nearly 25 years’ experience and best-in-class service. We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with our insurance policies backed by A-rated insurer RSA – one of the most renowned brands in the industry.

New to Temple ATE insurance?

Here’s four ways it can help your firm and your clients

  • ATE insurance (also known as litigation insurance) from Temple provides the security that parties need when engaged in a legal dispute. In the event of an unsuccessful claim, our insurance covers own disbursements, own counsel fees and adverse costs.
  • Clients who have an ATE insurance policy with us can automatically benefit from the use of our disbursement funding, which gives them the financial backing to pursue their claim.
  • With Temple taking the bulk of the financial burden and risk, plaintiffs can pursue their legal actions with less risk and financial burden, paving the way for firms to attract more client interest and run cases that otherwise may have been discontinued early due to lack of funding for the plaintiffs.
  • It can be used for a wide range of disputes – whether a clinical negligence case, commercial litigation or personal injury claim, we have the right solution for you.

Your views, what we learned and what we’ve done

During our research among Northern Ireland lawyers, we found some commonly held misconceptions about ATE insurance. See if you agree – and if our answers help.

  • “ATE insurance is very expensive”. We’re confident our pricing is extremely competitive and fair. Our new premiums have been carefully calculated to be workable and attractive to your clients.
  • “ATE insurance is not suitable for lower value cases”. The premiums are also proportionate to any damages recovered by the client – and suitable for all litigation types, regardless of value.
  • “Insurers won’t cover cases before an initial expert report is obtained”. We provide insurance and disbursement funding to clients in order to get an initial report. We do not require that one already is obtained – that’s a Temple difference.
  • “The Limit of Indemnity [LOI] is split into different LOIs”. We provide a total LOI tailored to each case. This single LOI will cover all of the elements of the claim we insure – namely own disbursements, own counsel’s fees and adverse costs.

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Next Steps

For more information on ATE insurance and disbursement funding for your firm, please contact Fraser Barnstaple either by calling 01483 514414 or send an email to

Don’t just take our word for it

Click here to read what Eoin Kearney from Brendan Kearney & Co had to say...

We asked Eoin Kearney, Brendan Kearney & Co to share his experience of using Temple’s ATE cover and disbursement funding over the last 12 months.

“I have been working with Temple Legal Protection for almost a year now and found them to be extremely professional and easy to work with. The turnaround times for applications are quick, the premiums reasonable, and the disbursement funding loan is an extremely beneficial option to assist clients with the significant cost of funding clinical negligence litigation.

We have previously used ATE in both civil and clinical negligence litigation. The reason I wanted to work with Temple was solely based on the disbursement funding loan option which our previous ATE provider did not offer.

I feel that funding issues are a main concern for all solicitors and clients in clinical negligence work.

In addition, ATE cover – but more importantly the disbursement funding loan – is certainly something that can help garner more potential client interest.

For solicitors new to ATE insurance my advice would be to focus on the disbursement funding loan side of things. ATE has been available in Northern Ireland for a long time now, but never with the benefit of a loan all ‘under the same roof’, to fund the case.”

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