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Employment Disputes Schemes

A powerful modern business tool

With the rising number of companies offering employment support packages, the impact of the Legal Services Act and the elimination of tribunal fees, offering an insurance-backed service has never been more important. Our scheme will prove to be a powerful tool to ensure that you remain not just competitive, but in business.

If you have lost employer clients recently then it may be because they have been attracted to fixed price packages. With hundreds of law firms and ABS businesses in the market place, offering an insurance-backed service has never been so important. With a limited number of hours in the day, there is a cap on what lawyers can earn. However, with our scheme, a lawyer can sell their time over and over again to improve profitability. If you have a client signed up, the scheme provides you with a steady income stream, regardless of whether they use your time or not.

Our scheme enables your firm to offer an up to date employment advice and support service, backed by insurance, allowing you to be more competitive in the market place. With increasingly tough trading conditions for employment lawyers, having a scheme like this has never been so important.

If you have a client signed up to your insurance-backed advice service, they will normally pay monthly instalments. Remember, you will receive this fee whether they use your time or not.

What can this scheme do for my firm?

  • Increase profit and provide a steady monthly income stream.
  • Attract new clients by offering a complete answer to their employment law needs.
  • Retain clients who are being targeted by competitors.
  • Raise your profile with existing clients.
  • Promote other services available from your firm.
  • Open doors to new marketing opportunities.

How does it work?

You provide:

  • An annual audit and update of your client’s employment documents and procedures.
  • A 9am – 5pm telephone advice line.

Our insurance provides:

  • Cover for your legal fees to defend your client in a tribunal claim.
  • Cover for most awards and settlements.
  • Cover for the defence of criminal prosecutions brought by the Crown Prosecution Service or Health and Safety Executive.
  • Cover for actions arising out of the Data Protection Act.

Setting up the scheme with us costs nothing, with no hidden joining fees or administration costs.

Contact us and discover how we can help your firm to grow and succeed. We’ll be happy to either arrange a simple conference call or face to face meeting to answer all your questions, and explain in more detail the benefits of our Employer Protection Scheme.