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Full delegated authority commercial ATE insurance for all commercial disputes

Save time and cost with a fully delegated authority ATE insurance scheme for all your clients’ commercial disputes including professional negligence, insolvency and contentious trusts & probate.  With Espresso there are no proposal forms – you can insure a client’s case straightaway with no need to refer the case to an underwriter.

You are covered if you lose, but only pay if you win – and there are no upfront payments. Simple, secure and quick to set up (subject to an agreed case volume) our insurance cover is used by numerous leading commercial litigators.

How does it work?

We trust the solicitors we work with and value their professional judgment. An ATE Insurance scheme with delegated authority from Temple operates under a straightforward agreement with your firm that enables you to insure cases without having to refer them to us.

Under our scheme you conduct the case assessments and enter the details on our online policy system – TOPS. At the same time, you can access fully integrated disbursement funding at an interest rate of only 10%.

What makes ‘Espresso’ special?
  • We don’t have a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach. Each agreement with our partner firms is bespoke to your needs and offers cover that works best for your clients and their cases.
  • You can have a firm-wide scheme to cover all your commercial litigation; we can also provide litigation insurance for niche areas and specific risks.
  • It’s your choice of retainer A CFA is not required, traditional arrangements are fine.
  • If things get complicated, we’re always available for any questions you may have.
  • We can check the case submission and issue the policy for you, if that’s easier.
  • We agree bespoke preferential premium rates, often cheaper than our standard rates.
  • Temple disbursement funding is available for all cases insured with us; both are administered via the same easy to use online policy system.
  • You can issue proceedings, make and reject offers and take other steps in these cases without having to obtain our consent.
How do I get a policy for my client?
  • To insure your case, all you need to do is decide if it meets the criteria, we agree with you by answering a few questions using TOPS – then print or download your client’s policy.
  • There’s no need to complete and send a proposal form, no need to wait to hear from us – or to answer a series of questions from an underwriter.
  • Once your case has been insured, all we ask is that you let us know how it’s progressing using TOPS. If something goes wrong with a case, just give us a call.
  • If you wish to discuss a case before putting it on cover, any of our commercial underwriting team are available to assist.
What are the advantages of commercial ATE cover from Temple?
  • UK based “A rated” insurer
  • Market-leading premium rates
  • Deferred and contingent premium always available
  • Premium reductions to aid settlement no charge for sending in referrals/proposals
  • Compatible with any retainer

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