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What is after the event (ATE) insurance?

After The Event insurance or ‘ATE’ insurance, often referred to as litigation insurance, is a bespoke policy put in place once a legal dispute has arisen to the cover the costs associated with the legal action or dispute.

It has the specific objective of insuring your clients against the risk of having to pay the other side’s costs if your client is unsuccessful. In those circumstances, it also re-pays their own disbursements.

Whilst After The Event or ATE insurance is the technically correct term, your clients may better understand ‘Litigation Insurance’. Traditional legal expenses insurance is often known as Before The Event or ‘BTE’ cover.

After The Event insurance from Temple Legal Protection

  • Can be used for a variety of legal actions – clinical negligence cases, a wide variety of commercial disputes and also personal injury claims.
  • Payment of the insurance premium is deferred until conclusion of the case. Therefore in the happy event your client wins their case, only then would they have to pay it.
  • If the client loses their case, they do not pay the premium since it is self-insured by the policy.
  • Cover is available regardless of the type of retainer you have with your client.

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