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Commercial ATE Insurance

Commercial disputes are an inevitable part of today’s business world. It could be about a shareholder dispute, contractual dispute or an issue concerning intellectual property. They also affect businesses of all sizes – whether a sole trader, SME or a FTSE 100 company.

The cost of litigation and dispute resolution for your clients wishing to protect their commercial interests is something highly relevant in today’s economic climate with sustained pressure on both profits and costs.

Temple’s integrated ATE insurance and disbursement funding mitigates the costs of protecting your client’s business when pursuing a commercial dispute. Our cover eases the pressure on their balance sheet whilst allowing the legal action to be pursued with confidence to its fullest potential.

Always Deferred and Contingent: why we offer this, and why it matters

In short, there is nothing to pay if the claim fails and, if you win, nothing to pay until your client has received their damages.

  • This principle is at the heart of our ATE insurance offering – we have always believed this works best for your clients.
  • For no initial cost, they have the peace of mind and protection they need – throughout the life of the case.
  • If things don’t work out, we step in and pick up the tab. If the claim is successful, only then will your client have anything to pay.

Temple’s new commercial ATE insurance has never been easier to utilise. With a choice of three cover options, each covering all types of commercial dispute and suitable for any retainer arrangement there is something for everyone.

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