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Legal protection insurance expertise for amateur sports clubs and associations

Temple have in-depth expertise protecting sports and fitness coaches, activity leaders, local clubs and their members in the amateur sports and fitness industry.

However your club or members choose to keep active, we have legal protection insurance that can support and assist you with some of the typical legal and regulatory issues you might encounter.

Different groups and disciplines will have different needs – and at Temple we have the expertise to develop bespoke insurance cover to fit these. This typically includes up to £250,000 per claim for:

  • Employment Defence/Pursuit (Club or Member)
  • Defence of prosecution
  • Contract Disputes
  • Pursuit of Damage to sports equipment
  • Revocation of licence
  • Disputes with governing bodies
  • Data Protection

Products can be tailored to your group’s specific requirements; contact us with your enquiry to see if we can help. Please call 01483 514429 or email