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“It has been a pleasure working closely with Temple for well over 10 years. We have developed a relationship of trust benefiting our mutual clients and leading to an excellent working relationship. The team at Temple are flexible and willing to consider issues on cases that are out of the ordinary. The Temple portal system (TOPS) is very user friendly and allows incepting polices and contact with the insurer to be conducted in a time effective manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Temple as an ATE insurance provider for Medical Negligence claims.”

This is a recently received comment from Madeline Seibert, Partner and Head of Medical Negligence at Attwaters Jameson Hill.

Madeline Seibert - Attwaters Jameson Hill

"We have insured our client’s cases with Temple for almost 15 years. This includes successfully concluding the some most challenging cases with Temple’s unwavering support. A recent example was a case where we obtained three separate opinions from the same speciality of expert; we were convinced we had a winnable case. Temple trusted our judgement and we won the case a month before trial. We could never have done this without the backing of Temple and their belief in our team. From another perspective this is just one example of many where Temple have trusted their legal team to get on and win a challenging case." 

Mehmooda Duke (MBE) - Moosa – Duke Solicitors

“Every time I have to deal with the recovery of an ATE premium in respect of our previous insurers it reinforces the wisdom of switching to Temple. Thank you for breaking the mould in terms of how insurers and their representatives behave”

Paul Grimwood - Hart Brown Solicitors

"Excellent. Thanks again, Matt, for your time, attention and invaluable assistance. Very much appreciated."

A recently received comment from Michael Hartley, Solicitor at East Sussex law firm GoodLaw Solicitors, about the service provided by Matthew Best, Underwriting Manager in our clinical negligence & personal injury team.

Michael Hartley - GoodLaw Solicitor

"Temple's service levels are excellent and all the staff are very helpful and pleasant to deal with. The reporting requirements are reasonable without being unnecessarily onerous. On the rare occasions when we do need to call on a policy Temple are fair and pay out which gives us the peace of mind that our clients are well protected."

Michael Jefferies - Jefferies LLP

"Temple employees are clearly enthusiastic about the firm they represent and are approachable and helpful, exhibiting great flexibility when providing After the Event insurance policies. Furthermore, with the delegated authority scheme from Temple, we are able to give our clients great service and an excellent insurance product, providing them with peace of mind and reassurance."

Linda Schermer - Partner, Oliver & Co

"Hi Lucy,

As always, thank you very much for your speedy attention to this matter and for your assistance."

Paul Johnson - Tri Star Costs Ltd

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