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Commercial ATE insurance for more valuable and complex individual cases requiring additional scrutiny

There will always be those cases that need some time to assess because of their complexity, value and importance to the client. Often these cases will need cover of £1m or more.

Solo ATE insurance is the path to higher limits of indemnity at competitive rates for important cases. You will be working with an underwriting team with more than 50 years’ experience as litigators and an ATE provider that’s been in the business for more than 20 years.

How does it work?

Just complete our proposal form, let us know if you’d like disbursement funding and send us the key documents to enable us to assess the case. We aim to respond to you within 10 working days and will often be able to give you an indication of the premium earlier than that.

Expect some challenging questions but if we insure your client, they will have the full benefit of UK based, “A” rated insurance that protects your client from adverse costs and insures their own disbursements.

What makes Solo special?
  • Better suited for more complex cases
  • Allows you to get all the information and documents you want the underwriter to see
  • Gives you the flexibility to set out any unique and important features of the case or characteristics of your clients that need to be addressed in the insurance you want us to offer
  • Cover for up to £2m with premiums on a fully deferred and contingent basis
What are the advantages of commercial ATE cover from Temple?
  • UK based “A rated” insurer
  • Market-leading premium rates
  • Deferred and contingent premium always available
  • Premium reductions to aid settlement no charge for sending in referrals/proposals
  • Compatible with any retainer

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