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Family Legal Advantage

Family legal expenses insurance is a crucial part of any household portfolio and our cover is one of the widest available.

We provide up to £50,000 of cover against unexpected legal costs and our product includes:

Consumer Contracts Disputes

Disputes relating to the purchase of good or services, the sales of goods or the buying or selling of your home.

Motor Prosecution Defence

Defending a prosecution in connection with use of a motor vehicle.

Tax Advice

24 hour, 365 days access to advice on personal tax related issues under UK laws.


Pursuing claims following damage to your home or possessions, or nuisance and trespass disputes.

Tax Investigations

Representation following HMRC enquiry into your self assessment tax returns.

Counselling Helpline

24 hour, 365 days access to qualified, professional, accredited counsellor for any matters causing stress at home or work.

Employment Protection

Disputes with a current, former or prospective employer relating to a contract of employment and other related employment rights.

Jury Service/Witness Attendance

Reimbursement of lost wages and salary following attendance in jury service or as a witness in a claim under this policy.


The cover extends to members of your family permanently living with you.

Personal Injury

Pursuing your rights following a sudden or specific accident causing death or physical injury.

Legal Defence

Defence of criminal prosecution arising from your work as an employee.

Territorial Limit

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Clinical and Medical Negligence

Pursuit of a claim following a negligent surgical, clinical or dental procedure casing.

Legal Advice Helpline

24 hour, 365 days legal advice for any personal legal matter under UK laws.

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We also offer ATE insurance

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