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Which types of personal injury cases do Temple Legal Protection cover?

Please do contact us to discuss any specific case should yours not fall within any of the below categories.

  • Secondary Victim Claims
  • Military Injury Claims
  • Car and Road Accident Claims.
  • Holiday Accidents.
  • Accidents at Work.
  • Major Trauma Injury.
  • Sports Injury Claims.
  • Whiplash Claims.
  • Loss of Sight.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries.
  • Slips and Trips Claims.
  • Motorbike and Bicycle Injury Claims.
  • Rehabilitation and Medical Care.
  • Burns, Scalding and Scarring Injuries.
  • Office Accidents.
  • Brain Injury.
  • Industrial Accidents.
  • Fatal Injuries.
  • Passenger Injury Compensation.
  • Amputee Claims.