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Take control of your disbursements

Have you wondered how much disbursement funding will cost your clients?

Simply use the interest rate calculator below. Enter the amount you wish to borrow and select the period of time using the slider.


*Each time a draw down is made a £75 drawdown fee is incurred. For the above example a £75 drawdown fee has been automatically applied to the loan amount borrowed figure. Calculation is based on 30 day calendar months. Interest is calculated at 10% per annum and compounded monthly.

Our interest is only applied to funds used, not allocated. No hidden charges, no ambiguity, just transparent, responsible lending.

Offering a flexible funding solution such as this – one that enables litigation to happen that might not otherwise proceed – will add value to your client relationship as their trusted advisor as well as being beneficial to you and your firm by clearing the liability from the firm’s balance sheet.