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What our clients are saying

“Temple have been invaluable in supporting our client in a partially successful appeal to the Court of Appeal. They are willing to back our client in an appeal to the Supreme Court on an issue which is not only of significant personal importance to our client but also could be of great public importance as well. In light of the potential liability on costs with multiple Defendants, our client would have been unable to take this next critical step of appealing to the Supreme Court without the backing of Temple. They are a valuable partner and provide an excellent service to our clients.”

Kate McCue - Chris Kallis Solicitors
george ide

“What a star you are! I have had to settle this matter, on costs lawyer’s advice, but thanks so much for your support.”

Paul Fretwell - George Ide LLP
royds withy king logo

"I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of myself and my client to thank you/Temple for supporting this case. The level of award is likely to make a real difference to [the client’s] quality of life given the extent of her ongoing difficulties referable to her spinal cord injury."

Ian Carrier - Royds Withy King
irwin mitchell logo

"The reputation of Insurers can often be a tough and inflexible one. I can however state that the approach of the team is a joy to behold. Their speed of response is superb and their flexible approach to the individuality of cases is both very mature and a breath of fresh air."

Jonathan Sachs - Partner, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

"Temple are a great company to deal with. They are honest and do what they say on the tin which is important in business. They are also very nice people to deal with."

Damian Horan - Moore Barlow
thomas snell & passmore logo

"Dear Paul,

Many thanks for your help and your suggested innovative approach. That is exactly what we need!"

James Cahan - Thomson Snell & Passmore

"I would again like to thank you Tracey, as you have been an absolute star during this process and your continued effort and assistance hasn’t gone unnoticed."

Tonia Howe - Howe & Co LLP - September 2017