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After-The-Event insurance for Optician’s Negligence Claims

Optician’s negligence can take many forms – whether it be failure or delay in diagnosis, failure to refer, failure to treat or treat correctly and incorrect laser eye surgery.  Loss of eyesight will obviously likely have a huge impact on your client’s daily life; however, it can be difficult to distinguish the loss caused solely by the negligence.

Often a change in eyesight is the reason for consulting an optician and that change may be irreversible at this point. Temple’s clinical negligence ATE insurance for optician’s negligence will cover the cost of the required medical evidence in the event of a failure to beat a Part 36 offer or an unsuccessful outcome.

We insure a range of range of optician’s negligence case types including:

  • Failure to reach the correct diagnosis
  • Failure to correctly refer the client for treatment
  • Failure to correctly obtain consent for laser surgery
  • Failure to correctly carry out laser surgery

Our ATE insurance scheme provides full delegated authority; this allows you to concentrate on progressing the case and obtaining the best possible result for your client.  Our underwriters have proven expertise and experience and the scheme is backed by an A-rated capacity provider.

There are no requirements to seek authority for incurring disbursements, making and rejecting Part 36 offers or issuing court proceedings, we simply ask that you update us at material stages as the case progresses through litigation.  Other benefits we offer are:

  • A user-friendly online administration system (‘TOPS’) for incepting and updating policies
  • Access to Temple Disbursement Funding for any insured cases
  • A quick turnaround for all referrals, and the important decisions you need
  • Deferred payment of premiums until the conclusion of the case
  • A dedicated premium challenge team to assist in the recovery of the premium

Don’t just take our word for it

Leading clinical negligence litigators use Temple Legal Protection’s ATE insurance for their client’s cases; click here to see what they have said about it and our disbursement funding facility for their views on the service we offer.

Your questions answered

When should I obtain ATE insurance for my client’s case?

We would ask that insurance is sought as soon as you have been able to make an assessment of the prospects of success, we would expect this to have included a full assessment of the medical records.

I’ve incurred several disbursements on the case prior to obtaining insurance, would these still be covered?

Yes, we provide full retrospective authority from the date of the CFA.

The defendant has suggested mediation, would this be covered under policy?

Temple support and encourage the use of mediation. We offer mediation incentives, should the case settle at mediation.

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If you would like more information on our Clinical Negligence ATE product and disbursement funding or you have any other legal expenses insurance queries, please email or call me on 01179 595495. I look forward to hearing from you.

Alex Stracey

Alex Stracey

Senior Underwriter

Alex Stracey

Alex started working in general insurance in January 2004 dealing with household and home emergency claims at RSA.

In February 2006 she moved to DAS working in property and personal contract claims in their BTE department and started her CILEX studies in 2008.

In May 2012 Alex moved to the DAS ATE department working with PI and Clinical Negligence claims.

In August this year Alex started at Temple Legal Protection working in the ATE department.