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Legal expenses insurance protection for affinity groups and hobbyists

Temple can offer a wide range of legal protection insurance for niche affinity groups, hobbyists and enthusiasts. Example groups we can help includes music, photography, fine arts, sporting and volunteer focused organisations.

Success in providing protection for this sector requires gaining a deep understanding of the specific and individual needs of a particular group. This includes knowledge of key legislation and common issues that arise; then having the flexibility and imagination to produce insurance cover to fit these needs. Getting this right results in a winning partnership for us and our scheme partners.

Our tailored products include cover for:

  • Pursuit of Damage to Personal Equipment
  • Disciplinary Defence with Regulatory or Governing Bodies
  • Contract Disputes
  • Prosecution Defence
  • Defence of Accidental Trespass
  • Pursuit of Employment Disputes
  • Pursuit of Personal Injury
  • Neighbour Disputes

Our insurance products can be tailored to your group’s specific requirements. To see  if we can help you and your members, please call 01483 514429 or send an email to