BTE Employment Disputes Insurance

Cover is available to enable your business to defend employment or health and safety disputes. Every week there are high numbers of claims where employees go to tribunal over a variety of issues: mostly discrimination, unfair dismissal and safety related

Temple’s insurance provides:

  • Cover for your legal fees to defend your client in a tribunal claim
  • Cover for most awards and settlements
  • Cover for the defence of criminal prosecutions brought by the Crown Prosecution Service or Health and Safety Executive
  • Cover for actions arising out of the Data Protection Act

Employment Protection Scheme Overview

Temple has created a product that not only helps employers to ensure that they are compliant with employment law, but also affords employers protection in the event that one of their employees nevertheless brings an employment tribunal claim against them.

We have seen a significant rise in the number of employment law practices signing up to our Employment Disputes Insurance Scheme over the last few years.

Clearly more and more law firms are recognising the importance of being able to offer fixed price employment law and litigation protection packages to employer clients in order to fend off the competition from the likes of Peninsula, IRPC Croners and RBS Mentor.

Our scheme can help you compete effectively in this marketplace, whilst assisting with the protection and growth of your employment practice.

As an insurer we work in partnership with employment solicitors to provide this package. Therefore, if you are an employment law solicitor or have an employment law team within your law firm, please click the link below for more details on how the scheme works.

How does the scheme work?

Temple’s Employment Protection scheme is very simple and is comprised of three elements:

  • 9 am to 5 pm telephone advice-line
: Provided and charged for by you.
  • Review and update of employment contracts and procedures
: Provided and charged for by you.
  • Employment indemnity insurance
: Provided by Temple for the legal expenses of employment tribunal claims and any awards, up to £250,000 per claim.

You are free to define the parameters of the advice line and audit. The only proviso from Temple is that you ensure to the fullest extent possible, that your clients are compliant with current employment legislation.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

To you:

  • Better retention of clients; the scheme has a 97% renewal rate!
  • A proven tool to attract new employer clients
  • Improved profile against competitors
  • Steady monthly and annual income
  • The ability to self-brand the product

To clients:

  • Effective management of employment law risks
  • Better financial planning
  • Elimination of damaging publicity
  • Peace of mind at all stages of the employment relationship

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