Clinical Negligence – Failure to diagnose

doctor man with stethoscope in hospital

Below is a case study summary from one of the specialist law firms we work with.

Case category:

Failure to diagnose

Case summary:

  • The claimant had an appendectomy in June 2014. The histology showed suspected malignancy that was not picked up. By the time it was, it was too late and the Claimant died in November 2016.
  • The Defendant had admitted breach but said the outcome would have been the same regardless.

Comment from Temple Legal Protection:

“The Claimant will require ATE insurance to obtain causation evidence and possibly go on to trial.
Due to the stance taken by the Defendant, the number of reports needed could be extensive. Without the benefit of ATE insurance it is unlikely his wife will have the funds to pursue the claim .”