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29 October, 2019


(Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 16 seconds) Knowledge really is power!   In October 2018 the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) came into force and introduced a number of new obligations that firms involved in the designing and the selling of insurance products need to meet. We take a look at two key elements of these […]

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22 October, 2019

Before ‘after the event’ insurance, there was ‘before the event’ insurance – after ‘after the event’ there will (still) be ‘before the event’

(Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 19 seconds) When it comes to legal expenses insurance After The Event (ATE) insurance isn’t going anywhere, but there will be increasing opportunities for brokers offering Before The Event (BTE) insurance in the provision of access to justice. This is as a result of legislation changes impacting on the ability for […]

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8 July, 2019

Future job losses and a 5-year high in employment tribunals – a ‘perfect storm’ of employment uncertainty ahead?

It was only a few short weeks ago that I was attending the BIBA conference in Manchester and so much has happened since. The UK did not leave the EU, our Prime Minister is standing down, there were the European elections and the rise of the Brexit party. Plus a Conservative party leadership race, with Boris […]

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10 April, 2019

Employment Tribunal Claims at a 5 year high, Employees are switched on, are you? 

June 2018 saw the highest number of single case employment tribunal claims since July 2013, the month before tribunal fees were first introduced, and the number of cases are on the rise. The employment tribunal system was created in 1964 and, until July 2013, there was no cost to an employee for them to bring […]

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9 April, 2019

As we head towards Brexit, our experts can give you clarity on key business issues

As we move into the closing stages of the Brexit process, are your customers prepared for changes that may lie ahead and, in considering those, who they can turn to for advice on Employment, Contractual, Taxation and Regulatory issues that businesses will need guidance on? Below are just four questions – and a solution underneath. […]

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24 July, 2018

Sean Fayle joins Temple Legal Protection as Senior Underwriting Manager

Specialist legal expenses insurer Temple Legal Protection is delighted to announce Sean Fayle has joined the business as a Senior Underwriting Manager. Sean has worked in the legal expenses insurance industry for over 20 years and brings to the Temple Legal Protection team a wealth of experience as well as a commitment to the highest […]

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