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Future job losses and a 5-year high in employment tribunals – a ‘perfect storm’ of employment uncertainty ahead?

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It was only a few short weeks ago that I was attending the BIBA conference in Manchester and so much has happened since. The UK did not leave the EU, our Prime Minister is standing down, there were the European elections and the rise of the Brexit party. Plus a Conservative party leadership race, with Boris Johnson the front-runner having announced his interest at BIBA.

This uncertainty has continued to impact the economy, with the pound struggling against the dollar and the euro. Major international businesses including banks, motor manufacturers and consumer electronics companies have announced their head offices and manufacturing plant will move away from the UK.  The consequence of this is that a significant number of jobs will be directly affected by relocation and/or redundancies. Additionally there is the impact on local businesses that support these big employers.

At the same time, 2018 saw the highest number of employment tribunals in over 5 years (source – With employment tribunals scrutinising process and procedures and a workforce ever more aware of their rights, the process of selecting staff for redundancy, dismissals, or changing an employee’s role is fraught with danger.

It is all doom and gloom? Not necessarily. Despite GDP and exports tracking lower than other G7 countries, 2019 has seen the UK employment rate hit an all-time high at 76.1%. This has resulted in nearly half a million more people in work since last year and more women in work than ever before. Consequently the unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9% for the first time since the 1970’s. (source –

In what may feel like a ‘perfect storm’ of uncertainty, the need for stability and risk reduction are valuable commodities for business owners – and the right insurance is a vital part of that protection.

Temple Legal Protection specialises in legal expenses insurance. We are 100% UK owned, 100% UK based, fully FCA authorised and regulated and, in short, not going anywhere.

  • We offer 24 hour advice and assistance on all employment matters, in addition to cover for the costs and awards of defending employment disputes. Whether hiring for the future, or cutting back and redundancies, we are here to help UK businesses.
  • Temple Legal Protection is backed by a triple A-rated insurer and partners with over 300 law firms across the country. We have the experience and expertise to provide a market-leading product and service.

To find out how Temple Legal Protection’s legal expenses insurance products can help you to retain and gain more customers as well as extend or compliment your range of insurance offerings please call me on 01483 514429, email 

Sean Fayle

Senior Underwriting Manager
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Sean Fayle

Sean started his insurance career in 1994 and has been specifically involved in Legal Expenses since 1997. Over a long career specialising in legal expenses, he has worked as an underwriter, sales executive and relationship manager.

His experience of underwriting a variety of commercial and personal, stand alone and schemes accounts means that our customers have the benefit of his broad knowledge.

As a relationship manager, Sean has a strong focus on customer service and a desire to get the best outcomes for our clients and works closely with our business partners to achieve this.

Sean’s extensive knowledge of the legal expenses market helps to support Temple Legal Protection as a market leader for BTE & ATE insurance.


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