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As we head towards Brexit, our experts can give you clarity on key business issues

brexit which direction will we go

As we move into the closing stages of the Brexit process, are your customers prepared for changes that may lie ahead and, in considering those, who they can turn to for advice on Employment, Contractual, Taxation and Regulatory issues that businesses will need guidance on?

Below are just four questions – and a solution underneath.

  • Will there be changes to holiday requirements and working time regulations?
  • Can a contractual third party in the EU cancel the contract as a result of the UK leaving?
  • Is VAT going to change if we leave the EU and when?
  • Which party in a contract will be liable for breaches of regulations that change due to the UK leaving?

Who do your go to for explanations, answers and practical solutions? Who can help with the legal position such as new contractual obligations?

In short, a commercial legal expenses insurance (LEI) policy from Temple Legal Protection. Here’s how –

  • Employment – The majority of calls to our helpline are regarding employment legislation. Our LEI policies advise on the latest employment law, the processes a company has to follow and lots more besides.
  • Contracts – Our LEI insurance cover includes legal costs to defend or pursue your rights regarding the provision of goods or services. This includes issues with either businesses you partner with, consumers/customers of yours and many other topics.
  • Taxation – Advice regarding the legal tax obligations and defence of investigations into you tax affairs is included in our LEI cover.
  • Regulatory breaches – In addition to advice to guide businesses on regulation and and legislation that might apply to them, our cover includes defence of criminal and civil proceedings.

Don’t wait for a dispute or a problem to arise; our experts are ready to help in these key areas – and more.
Our commercial legal expenses insurance policies provide access to legal advice from an expert UK law firm, 24 hours a day. We partner with over 300 law firms across all parts of the UK.

We take a hands on, ‘can do’ approach when our customers have claims and legal problems, providing practical legal solutions and insurance to address Tax, Employment, Contractual and Legal problems for businesses.

To find out how Temple Legal Protection’s legal expenses insurance products can help you to retain and gain more customers and extend or compliment your range of insurance offerings please call me on on 01483 514429, email  or visit our website.

Sean Fayle

Senior Underwriting Manager
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Sean Fayle

Sean started his insurance career in 1994 and has been specifically involved in Legal Expenses since 1997. Over a long career specialising in legal expenses, he has worked as an underwriter, sales executive and relationship manager.

His experience of underwriting a variety of commercial and personal, stand alone and schemes accounts means that our customers have the benefit of his broad knowledge.

As a relationship manager, Sean has a strong focus on customer service and a desire to get the best outcomes for our clients and works closely with our business partners to achieve this.

Sean’s extensive knowledge of the legal expenses market helps to support Temple Legal Protection as a market leader for BTE & ATE insurance.


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