Working Together

We take a partnership approach to our business. Working with us gives our clients direct access to our team of specialist underwriters, and the benefit of our experience at the forefront of the legal expenses insurance market. This gives us insights into the challenges faced by solicitors and the industry, and helps us to anticipate needs and adapt our products to suit.


We trust solicitors to get on with the business of litigation. This is why we offer the widest authority with our Delegated Authority Schemes. Our partners trust us to give them intelligent advice and decision–making based on relevant experience and an understanding of the complexities of litigation.


We have played a key role in the ATE insurance market since its conception and were the first to introduce the deferred, contingent and self-insured premiums that are now standard industry practice. We have retained this model post LASPO and continue to evolve and adjust our products in line with legal changes to ensure that clients continue to have access to justice.


There is more to legal expenses insurance than what is written down on paper. The service you receive from your insurer is key. At Temple, our clients have a dedicated Scheme Manager who has overall responsibility for ensuring they get the right support throughout the life of the scheme.


Where possible, we also tailor our products for those who require bespoke cover.

We also work closely with other organisations who share our values and can help provide our clients with additional benefits.


Please call us now in confidence on 01483 577 877 to find out how legal expenses insurance from Temple can help you and your clients.

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