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Temple Legal Protection – Covid 19 Update – April 2020

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After what I hope was a relaxing bank holiday weekend and as we start our fifth week of working remotely we continue business as usual at Temple. I’m very pleased to report that we are fully embedded in our new way of working. It really pleases me to see, in such a short period of time, we have managed to do so in such a smooth way. I really have to praise the team we have built and who remain focused on our primary aim in delivering the very best service. We are looking forward to having a very good week in engaging with you and delivering the insurance that your clients need.

We are exploring ways of improving our communication further. We are noticing how many of you out there are changing the way in which you work. Some law firms, brokers and organisations such as APIL and CII are producing more webinars and podcasts. We are also seeing changes in processes and the way in which you communicate with your own clients with video conferencing (Zoom/Teams) replacing physical meetings. However, does that bring compliance issues to resolve?

Many of you will be working under our delegated authority procedures and it’s important that if you change your processes (for example you might need to change the wording of your CFA or other retainers), that you let us know so we can make any changes at our end.

We know that the government is changing legal process and practice. It is really important that we both align with each other in this regard. The sharing of important legislation/procedures is perhaps more important now more than ever, so please tell us if a new procedure affects the insurance risk or requires us to consider the amount or type of cover. Temple will of course provide the same should we become aware of any changes that affect how we all work’

In order to ensure that communication between us is as efficient as it can be, if you know the name of the Underwriter you wish to speak to we publish below the direct dial numbers of our Underwriters:

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

01483 514804 – Matthew Best (Senior Underwriting Manager)
01483 514808 – David Stoker (Senior Underwriter)
01483 514419 – Peter Cornish (Senior Underwriter)


01483 514428 – Matthew Pascall (Senior Underwriting Manager)

Employment Disputes and Commercial Legal Expenses (BTE)

01483 514429 – Sean Fayle (Senior Underwriting Manager)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. We are operating normal business hours and please remember to use TOPS to update and manage your insurance risks.

Laurence Pipkin

Managing Director
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Laurence Pipkin

Laurence started at Temple Legal Protection in 2006 where he was IT Manager until 2017, when promotion to Operations Director saw him join the board of the company. This was followed in June 2019 with his appointment as Managing Director to succeed Chris Wait, the founding MD. Following in those footsteps was a challenge relished by Laurence, and one with the full support of Chris, who became Chairman of the board of directors.

Laurence’s hands-on experience at the heart of the business running the IT systems over many years and his proven expertise in a fast-moving ATE/litigation insurance market has contributed to the respected position in the market place Temple now occupies.

Resting on laurels is not Laurence’s style. His passion and determination to provide market-leading legal expenses insurance products and a total commitment to customer service for partner law firms and brokers put him in the ideal position to lead the business.

Prominent litigators, contemporaries and colleagues speak of Laurence’s sound commercial judgement, technical excellence and agility in product development – all backed by a commitment to robust underwriting principles. This has led to Temple building long-term commercial relationships with leading law firms in the commercial litigation, clinical negligence and personal injury sectors.

Laurence is a Chartered Insurance Underwriting Agent, and associate member of the Chartered Insurance Institute.


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