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Lord Faulks – “Litigation funders are a growing threat to our justice system”

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Lord Faulks, QC’s recent comment piece published in The Times and reported in Litigation Futures is generating considerable discussion in relation to the growing litigation funding market.

We agree with Lord Faulks, QC that the Funding industry needs to be properly regulated to ensure protection for consumers and confidence that access to justice is preserved.

Temple Funding is fully authorised by the FCA and we believe all funders should go through the same process to give effective protection to clients who choose funding.

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This Guide is required reading for solicitors, barristers, costs draughtsmen and in-house legal counsel – amongst others. In the Guide you’ll find all you need to know including:

  • The current options available to law firms and their clients
  • An overview of the third party funding and ATE insurance market
  • Observations on what to consider/avoid when identifying how best to fund a case

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