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“Gig economy” review begins

gig economy

With several high profile court cases recently being heard, the spotlight is on worker’s rights, especially those in a self-employed capacity. The case of London plumber, Gary Smith, who wanted to reduce his working hours following ill health resulted in the court ruling that whilst technically self-employed, Mr Smith was entitled to basic workers rights such as minimum wage and paid holiday.

A review of the current labour market in Britain is underway, examining the rights afforded to “gig economy” workers. Led by Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, the four person panel will tour the UK examining the experiences of workers and companies before compiling a report due to be published in the summer.

In order to help workers understand if they are truly self-employed, the review is considering launching an online tool, asking questions in order to help workers determine their employment status. If found not to be truly self-employed then their employer would bear the responsibility for disproving their employment status an employment tribunal.

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