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Construction Disputes Webinar

By Andy Lyalle, Senior Business Development Manager

Construction Disputes Webinar

In this construction webinar we explore the key issues with three leading experts’ – Neil Armstrong (Myerson Solicitors), Greg McMahon (Pythagoras Capital) and Andrew O’Connor (Augusta Ventures). They all share their experience of litigation/ATE insurance and funding as well as the judiciary’s attitudes to it.

The questions/talking points within this webinar include:

  • What, if any, has been everyone’s experience of ATE insurance and litigation funding? Do judges have an innate dislike/suspicion of funders? Is acting as agent for a liquidator preferable to taking an assignment of the chose in action? Whichever business model is used, agency or assignment, what can the “funder” do to limit the risks of the “funding” being found to be in breach of the Damages Based Agreements Regulations 2013 and/or champertous?
  • When do the participants think ATE insurance works well for construction disputes clients? When doesn’t it work well?
  • Do you think ATE insurance is becoming a more common feature of construction disputes?
  • In the light of any such experience or based on what the participants now know of ATE, are there any features of construction litigation that might require a different approach by ATE insurers? Put another way, is there anything we should do differently to make ATE work better in these cases?
  • In the light of Fraser J’ s judgment in John Doyle Construction Limited (in liquidation) v Erith Contractors[2020] 2451 (TCC) what should the principal concerns be for an insolvent referring party and those acting for it as regards ATE insurance policies? Are any exclusion and avoidance clauses fatal to the question of the policy’s adequacy?
  • Has the adjudication re Bresco v Lonsdale resumed given the Supreme Court’s judgment in June last year, and if so, what was the outcome?

If you would like more information on our commercial litigation insurance and disbursement funding products, or you have any other legal expenses insurance questions, please get in touch via email to or call 07936 903767. I look forward to hearing from you.


Andy Lyalle

Senior Business Development Manager
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Andy Lyalle

Andy has worn many hats in the legal services sector for nearly thirty years and is our Senior Business Development Manager. Based in our Bristol office but working nationwide, Andy enjoys meeting existing and potential clients ready to discuss our ATE insurance and disbursement funding products.

He will listen to your requirements and work with you and liaise with our team to ensure we add value to your business – develop opportunities, overcoming obstacles and steering you in the right direction are Andy’s stock-in-trade.

Working predominantly in the Commercial Dispute Resolution team, Andy is also pleased to talk to you about our BTE Employment Protection Schemes plus our personal injury and clinical negligence ATE Insurance and disbursement funding products.


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