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Arbitration and Litigation/ATE Insurance – Funding Dispute Resolution in the 21st Century

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By Sam Knight, Underwriter

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The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce published a recent article praising the continuing uptake in arbitration to settle civil claims and disputes. Here at Temple we have embraced the future of civil dispute resolution and cover for arbitration under our insurance policy means your client can, too.

It seems ADR is here to stay and whilst it can never fully replace traditional litigation in all cases, the legal services sector needs to be quick to latch on and keep up with the latest changes in dispute resolution.

Contracts increasingly seem to contain the perilous ‘governing law’ and arbitration clauses that can easily stop a proposed litigation dead in its tracks. It’s important to say on top of how arbitration works, including how you can protect your client’s financial position going into arbitration proceedings.

Temple Legal Protection provide high quality, affordable litigation insurance to cover your client against any adverse costs arising from arbitrations. Through our subsidiary, Temple Funding, we can also help cover the cost of disbursements relating to the arbitration proceedings, as well as disbursements cover and insurance if the matter progresses to litigation later.

If you would like more information or have any other legal expenses insurance query, please email or call him on 01483 514428

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