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21 May, 2019

Damaged? New media law issues for litigators

By Matthew Pascall, Senior Underwriting Manager. Temple has been insuring media law cases for many years and is the principal insurer in the ongoing phone hacking litigation. Recently, we have been turning our minds to see what new issues might be litigated by our media law clients in the future. The clear message we are […]

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14 March, 2019

Not Just for Claimants – Insuring Defendants

Here at Temple, the vast majority of our insured are claimants and we are only occasionally asked to insure defendants. Why? I think the answer lies in the perception the profession has of litigation insurance. It is seen as a claimant’s tool; a perspective rooted in the early days of CFA funded personal injury litigation. […]

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8 February, 2019

2019 – What Lies Ahead for Commercial Litigators?

By Matthew Pascall, Senior Underwriting Manager. At the time of writing, predicting the Government’s policy on the whole question of Brexit is next to impossible – and that’s with only 2 months to go before we leave. But in the calmer waters of commercial litigation, charting a course through the rest of this year – […]

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13 June, 2018

Football’s Financial Fouls

Football’s Financial Fouls As you settle down to watch the action on the field during the forthcoming FIFA World Cup, bear in mind that you will be watching players who, together, are valued at many, many millions of pounds. And whose professional careers are matters of hugely valuable commercial interest to the intermediaries supposed to […]

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16 January, 2018

2018 – a year of opportunity 

2018 will be a year of opportunity for those responding to change says Matthew Pascall: Senior Underwriting Manager, Temple Legal Protection. As we move forward into 2018, I share some insights likely to affect litigators over the coming months. Some will be anecdotal, some technical and, hopefully for the reader, all of significance in some […]

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