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Temple Legal Protection works directly with corporate clients who wish to transfer the risks of litigation to an insurer. We also provide funding options which can help to change litigation from a liability into an asset.

Whether you have an in house legal team or instruct a law firm, our products and services can support your business and ease the financial burden of litigation. Our litigation insurance and funding provides the security you need to capitalise litigation by pursuing cases to their optimum value and avoid temptation to withdraw the claim.

We understand that our corporate clients have unique requirements and so we work closely with you to understand your litigation portfolio thoroughly and offer our advice and expertise in order to create a bespoke insurance and funding solution which meets your needs and supports your business objectives.

Our ‘A’ Rated After the Event (ATE) insurance capacity is provided in partnership with Royal & Sun Alliance. Premiums are deferred and contingent upon success which means that upfront fees are removed from the balance sheet to ease cash flow and in the event of an unsuccessful case, you do not have to pay the premium.

The policy indemnifies you against the risk of adverse costs, removing your liability and protecting your business.

Our subsidiary Temple Funding provides the answer to up-front costs associated with litigation.

Court fees are constantly increasing – currently £10k for commercial claims; expert reports and other disbursements add significant further cost just to initiate a claim. For corporate clients who may have numerous matters ongoing at any one time, the initial outlay and risk of not recovering the same could be several million pounds.

By using Temple Funding to remove the cost and risks from the balance sheet, you can concentrate on meeting business objectives with an unrestricted cash flow.
Our funding provision is fully covered by Temple Legal Protection’s ATE insurance cover which means that should the case lose, you will not be liable for any of the disbursements needed to bring the claim.

Temple Legal Protection and Temple Funding are both fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and based wholly within the UK with no offshore funding or external investors – giving you the stability and security of working with a reputable business.

Contact us to speak to our panel of expert legal professionals and insurance underwriters to find out how you could reduce risk, run cases to their fullest extent and reduce the up-front costs of litigation, releasing the potential to turn liabilities into assets.