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Litigation Insurance & Funding

The risks associated with litigation are significant and create potentially serious financial pressure on the balance sheet. Temple Legal Protection provides tools which can mitigate risks and significantly reduce the financial liability. Our own research suggests that as much as 50% of meritorious claims do not proceed due to concerns over financial risk which means your client may not receive compensation they are due.

We operate on the principle of protecting your clients financially through insurance, so far as is possible, against the risks of litigation and offer funding support for them to pursue claims, whether the client is a private individual, a small business or a large corporation.

As your clients trusted advisor, you will normally be aware of any involvement they have in litigation or if they are contemplating legal action. We can help you to provide guidance and advice on both litigation insurance and litigation funding to reduce your clients financial exposure to litigation and at the same time enhance your reputation with your client.

After the Event (ATE) Insurance

Our ATE insurance provides protection for your client from having to pay the opposing side’s legal costs in the event their claim does not succeed. It also covers disbursement fees such as court fees and expert reports; with high levels of indemnity as standard and premiums that are competitive and are only payable at the end of a legal action if the case is successful.

It has been recognised within the legal profession that ATE insurance specifically adds strength to your client’s claim, levelling the playing field regardless of the financial strength of the opponent.

We can provide support and advice including direct access to a network of specialist, highly regarded law firms for all areas of litigation throughout the UK. We can also work with solicitors that you may recommend to us who are already acting for your clients. Our team of underwriters and legal professionals are always available to discuss your client’s issue, providing fast and intelligent solutions.

Litigation funding

We provide a range of options to remove the up-front costs of litigation.

Disbursements or court fees and expert reports can reduce cash flow until the claim is settled and are lost altogether in the event of an unsuccessful claim. We provide a facility to pay these costs at only 15% interest per annum. The funding provision is fully covered under our ATE policy which means that should the claim be unsuccessful, they will not have to repay the loan or interest accrued which means it does not have to be listed as a liability.

We also provide options for funding your client’s own legal fees at a market leading rate typically of only 2.5 times the loan amount. Fee funding provision is also contingent upon success which further removes the financial burden of litigation.

Trusted partner

We are fully regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and our ‘A’ rated insurance policies are underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance. We are based wholly within the UK with no offshore financiers or shareholders. This provides you and your clients with the peace of mind that we are a trusted and accountable partner.

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