Title Indemnity Insurance

Title insurance policies – also known as legal indemnity cover or defective title cover –indemnify the owner against actual loss arising from a legal ownership defect which results in either loss of title to all – or part – of the land and buildings or their reduction in value and indemnify lenders against loss of mortgage security (or priority for the mortgage). Policies give peace of mind to the client, generally help in overall risk management and could potentially reduce the lawyer’s PI exposure.

Business interruption covers, as a result of title problems, are also available for commercial tenants and operators. Policies from DUAL also cover legal costs and expenses incurred in the event of having to defend the title or reach a settlement.

Cover available for “All Risks” and “Specific Risk”

Cover is available for “Specific Risk” – such as those identified by the lawyer in the due diligence process – or “All Risks”, which protects the owner and lender against unknown risks that the lawyer could not be expected to uncover such as property and mortgage fraud, sellers misrepresentations and unknown rights. Policies attract a one-off premium payment and specific risk cover passes with the property in perpetuity to future owners and lenders.

All Risks policies remain in force for the period of the insured’s ownership but can also be structured to cover future transactions. All Risks policies have been designed to provide a title guarantee. In residential policies,100% inflation cover is automatically included.

Bespoke cover to suit individual needs

Bespoke cover means that each policy is designed to suit the individual’s needs and, for residential clients, typically includes issues around restrictive covenants, lack of planning permission, access rights and boundary disputes. For commercial property, issues are often sector specific and cover is available to a wide range of users including:

  • House Builders
  • Commercial Developers
  • Investors, Real Estate Funds, Private Equity Funds, Housing Associations
  • Tenants
  • Renewable Energy Operators
  • Administrators and Receivers
  • Lenders

How to apply...

For residential property, policies can be issued via an on-line portal. To register for the portal, click here.

Due to their more complex nature – commercial enquiries are submitted by email or by direct telephone access to discuss with expert underwriters.

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