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Temple Funding for Commercial Litigation

Temple offers straightforward, affordable funding that gives your client the freedom to pursue their claim without having to pay expenses along the way. Our facility provides your firm with a solution to the significant cash flow burden that comes with funding commercial litigation.

Combining your litigation expertise with our insurance protection and long-standing underwriting and claims experience means confidence and peace of mind for your clients.

Removing the financial burden from your firm’s balance sheet could also mean the difference between you being able to take on the case or not

How does it work?

  • Disbursement Funding is arranged at the same time as the ATE insurance provision, using Temple’s Online Policy System (TOPS)
  • There are no set-up fees or application fees per case
  • Your client signs a Consumer Credit Agreement (CCA) with Temple, which is issued once the policy is in place
  • The claim will be appropriately funded from the outset and we will agree with you a maximum drawdown per case
  • Your client’s funding is guaranteed by Temple, rather than by your law firm
  • Interest charges are paid at the end of the case from the damages awarded
  • Your client has nothing to pay if the claim is unsuccessful since they are fully insured.


The Disbursement Funding is provided by Temple Funding Limited, and insured by the Temple ATE policy. Therefore, the interest charged is only payable on successful cases.

Our Disbursement Funding gets the claim underway without draining the client’s financial resources and our ATE insurance means that the litigation can be pursued for its full value. All the while you will be secure in the knowledge that Temple’s responsible lending principles, our market-leading insurance and our underwriting support are there to enhance the prospects of a successful claim and your ongoing relationship with a satisfied client.

How to apply

Access to this Disbursement Funding is exclusively for expert lawyers using our fully Delegated Authority ‘A’ rated ATE insurance.

If you would like to become a cover holder with Temple, please call us on 01483 577 877 to discuss your eligibility.

FREE health check of your funding and ATE provision

Temple offers a free health check to assess how your firm’s current provision of funding and ATE insurance. Once completed, you will receive a written report from us detailing our findings and our recommendations regarding your Disbursement Funding and ATE insurance provision.

To find out more about how to boost your fee-earning capabilities with Disbursement Funding from Temple, or to arrange a free health check, please call us on 01483 577 877.

Please call us now in confidence on 01483 577 877 to find out how legal expenses insurance from Temple can help you and your clients.

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